"I'm a third generation trucker and I'm into cool trucks. Love working on them. Kind of like guys who are into hot rods and motorcycles. I wanted to stay with a classic look because I like the older ways guys did things and the way things used to look. I changed the grill to a 379 style and added 359 style headlight and air cleaners, among other changes. It has a C15 Cat Glider under the hood. We use Shell Rotella. It's been a great product and we have no reason to change. [It's my] 2nd time winning Best of Show. It's crazy. Hard to believe." - Keigan Nelson (driving for Rollin Transport), Hartland, WI.

SuperRigs truck in front of urban backdrop February

"I've been a part of the trucking business my whole life. My grandmother started driving a truck years ago, then my dad and uncle got into it. Lucille is a 1993 Peterbilt 379 that showed up at our shop in 2018 pretty rough. We tore her down, pulled the motor out, turned every nut and bolt front to back, sent her to the body shop and re-did the interior… just to put her to work every day. She has 1,460,000 miles on her and pulls a flatbed every day. We've always used Shell Rotella T4, service 17 trucks with it and have never had a reason to change it." - Dill McKinney, Lexington, AL

SuperRigs truck in front of urban backdrop