What is your favorite memory from your time as a truck driver?

Happiness By The Mile - The day I got stuck trying to drive through a snow storm on I-70. There is a short YouTube series about this day on my channel. No matter how scared, frustrated, or embarrassed I felt, days like these are my favorite days. Lessons I learn from these experiences are invaluable.

Trucking With Tay - I will never forget the day I switched from company driver to owner operator and bought my first truck. It was a proud moment for me and one of the first of many milestones I reached during my time as a truck driver.

How important is the industry to you?

Happiness By The Mile - It means everything to me. The trucking industry holds my childhood dream, my thriving business today, and my goals for the future.

Trucking With Tay - The trucking industry is important because of the opportunities it provides. It is a unique industry where you can earn more than $100,000 in your first year with 3-6 weeks of schooling.

What is something you wish you could tell your younger self before getting into the industry?

Happiness By The Mile - Absolutely nothing. I'm glad I jumped into it without preconceived notions about the industry. I got to experience it all firsthand and my own views of the trucking landscape. If I have advice for anyone it is to follow the things you are drawn to that produce happiness in your life.

Trucking With Tay - I would tell my younger self to start saving money early to set him up for a strong future. I would also advise him to start with a local driving company or yard dog to gain experience before becoming an independent owner operator.

What are you looking forward to within the trucking industry?

Happiness By The Mile - I am looking forward to the day I build my own show truck. You know it'll be at Shell Rotella's Super Rigs!

Trucking With Tay - I think better rates and moving towards more sustainable fleets would be amazing. It would both save the trucking community money and provide the world with cleaner air.