@jon_dawson: #sponsored It's that time, y'all! Summer is right around the corner and I'm stoked! I truly believe that if you wake up with the excitement and drive to move forward and not harp on the past, but use it as a stepping stone and learn from it, you will become great. If we focus on the road to recovery and growth, vs. the road we want to blame our struggles on, we can do amazing things. I'm super excited to partner with @ShellRotellaT® Heavy Duty Engine Oil on their new Road to Recovery campaign. Let's get this work in and stay motivated and excited! Much Love y'all! Learn more about where to buy Shell Rotella® at the link in my bio.
@Smart Trucker: Reliability in Trucking. It's everything. We're very proud to announce our partnership with Shell Rotella Heavy Duty Engine Oil on the Road to Recovery, to look forward to a prosperous 2021.