Celebrating our January, February and March 2024 Calendar Features

“My grandfather had milk trucks. My dad started this business. He put me in a truck when I was 18 and said I’d be home in a couple weeks. 49 years later, I still ain’t home. My son’s been around trucks since he was five. My wife, daughter and nephew all work in the office. I’m glad to have all our family working together. My grandson is next up in line. He’s got an old Peterbilt he’s going to restore. I hope he can get into the SuperRigs® calendar when he’s ready.” – Rob, Gloria, and Eiden Harris, Peshtigo, WI

“This is my first time ever attending SuperRigs®. A friend of mine came. I just did some work on his truck and thought, might as well bring mine out here. I didn’t come with the intentions of winning anything to be honest. I definitely did not expect to be in the calendar. I run T5 15W-40 in the truck. Got about 292,000 miles on it. I just like when you pull your dipstick at 10 –12,000 miles, that the oil has still got a gold color to it.” – Garrett Neville and Cherie Mareau, Ute, IA

“I started out driving for a farmer and saw pictures of what other guys had built and me and my brother felt we could make trucks look cool. That kind of progressed into this. I use Shell Rotella® T6 5W-40 for the longevity. This is my first SuperRigs®. I’ve always wanted to come. It’s the best of the best and to be in this calendar is a huge honor.” – Pat Lahr, Denison, IA